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Ensure your students are prepared for a successful massage therapy career. Our practice-focused textbooks, eTextbooks, and digital massage therapy resources align with the MBLEx and ELAP, helping students boost their performance and demonstrate the knowledge and skill needed for becoming a licensed massage therapist.

I learned with this textbook series in 2002 and every print keeps getting better. I use it now in my kinesio class and students are able to navigate clearly, concisely and will utilize the resources again and again throughout their own practice.
Jasmine Kinney, LMP, NCMT
Massage Therapist Instructor, International Institute of Massage Therapy

Textbooks to consider.


A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology

Written exclusively for massage therapy students, A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology is a cornerstone educational resource for the massage profession. This premier pathology textbook serves up a comprehensive review of the etiology, signs, symptoms, and treatment of more than 500 diseases and disorders.

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Trail Guide to the Body

This “gold standard” textbook delivers beautifully illustrated information for learning palpation and the musculoskeletal system. Used by more than 2,500 programs worldwide and translated into 10 languages, Trail Guide to the Body is the preferred choice for mastering manual therapy skills and knowledge.

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