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We are aware of an issue with the AnatomyMapp app as a result of the iOS 13 update. Our app developer is working on it. At this time we have decided to pull the app from the App Store until it is fully functional. Thank you for your patience, we truly appreciate it.

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Get two apps in one!

This app bundle (only available at the App Store) combines the best of musculoskeletal anatomy and palpation information. All content is from the acclaimed Trail Guide to the Body textbook and palpation videos.


You can now have the acclaimed Trail Guide to the Body musculoskeletal anatomy information with AnatomyMapp® — an interactive musculoskeletal anatomy application for your Apple mobile devices.

This tool allows you to study and be tested on the same bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, and movements of the body information and illustrations found in the Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards.

This app offers a wide array of interactive options to help you ace your next exam:

  • Review all 364 cards from our Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards PLUS questions from the Trail Guide to the Body Student Workbook.
  • Test your musculoskeletal anatomy knowledge by 1) answering multiple choice questions (muscle cards only); 2) locating specific structures; or 3) identifying AOIN points.
  • Bookmark specific cards to review later, and use enhanced navigation features for bookmarked cards.
  • Use the easy search capability to choose all cards or only cards that have been bookmarked.
  • Use the page reference on each card to find additional information in the Trail Guide to the Body textbook.
  • Enlarge cards to enhance your view of the illustrations.
  • Flip many of the cards to view illustrations on one side, details on the other.
  • Learn correct pronunciation using the app’s audio pronunciation for each muscle.
  • Navigate directly from muscle groups to individual muscles.

Designed to be viewed in portrait mode.


The PalpationMapp® app provides a detailed, high-definition visual guide to identifying and palpating 91 essential muscles. This fun and explorative journey is led by the acclaimed author of Trail Guide to the Body, Andrew Biel. The videos in this app are based on content from the popular Trail Guide to the Body DVD.

This user-friendly app is beneficial for students and practitioners in manual therapy, physical therapy, athletic training and other professions that require palpation and musculoskeletal knowledge. And now with 12 additional videos!

Features of this app include

  • Techniques for engaging and palpating the muscle.
  • Presentation of more than 200 muscle overlay images from the Trail Guide to the Body textbook to help the viewer visualize underlying anatomy during palpation.
  • Identification of bony landmarks, attachment sites, muscle borders, and attachments.
  • “Check-it” option for each muscle presentation so you can confirm the location of the muscle you are palpating.

The straightforward menu selection makes for easy search capabilities. This app will become your personal tutor and is a great on-the-go educational tool. Designed to be viewed in landscape or portrait mode.

Note: This app bundle also supports Complete My Bundle. Complete My Bundle credits customers for any apps they have already purchased within a bundle, so that they only pay the balance for the remaining apps.