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The best interactive app for learning musculoskeletal anatomy.

AnatomyMapp includes information from all 362 Trail Guide to the Body flashcards; questions from the Trail Guide to the Body Student Workbook; and easy search and bookmarking capabilities. This app reinforces your learning and is a perfect companion tool for on-the-move students. Available at Google Play and the App Store.

This app offers a wide array of interactive options to help you ace your next exam

  • Test your musculoskeletal anatomy knowledge by (1) answering multiple choice question (muscle cards only); (2) locating specific structures;  or (3) identifying AOIN points.
  • Bookmark specific cards to review later, and use enhanced navigation features for bookmarked cards.
  • Use the easy search capability to choose all cards or only cards that have been bookmarked.
  • Use the page reference on each card to find additional information in the Trail Guide to the Body textbook.
  • Enlarge cards to enhance your view of the illustrations.
  • Learn correct pronunciation using the app’s audio pronunciation.

Designed to be viewed in portrait mode.

Available for Android and Apple mobile devices. Offered at the App Store or the Google Play Store. Click on the App Store or Google Play Store icon below to view multiple screenshots and to purchase.

AnatomyMapp Lite (a limited version of AnatomyMapp®) is available for free at the App Store. This free Lite version of AnatomyMapp® contains more than 25% of the material found in the complete version.

NEW from AnatomyMapp Lite! To gain full access to a particular body region, you can purchase it within this Lite version for $2.99 per body region. If you want to buy the content for all six regions of the body, it is more cost effective to either purchase the full version of AnatomyMapp® or buy all the body regions at one time.

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