Lays the groundwork for their success.


Breaks down students’ fear of learning anatomy.

Trail Guide to the Body puts beautifully illustrated, easy-to-grasp content at students’ fingertips, making it easier for future Pilates instructors to develop the understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy essential for working with both healthy and injured clients. The textbook takes students on a confidence-building journey that presents them with a user-friendly overview of how muscles affect movement.

Why teach with Trail Guide to the Body?

Helps students develop ‘an eye’ for movement.

As a best-selling anatomy textbook, Trail Guide to the Body has proven to help Pilates students develop an understanding of movement:

  • What is a particular movement?
  • Which joints are moving?
  • What muscles are involved?
  • Is the movement happening as intended?

Students  learn to see movement clearly, so they can present their future clients with the appropriate verbal or tactile cues to support corrections.

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Elevates students’ anatomy vocabulary.

Trail Guide to the Body is designed to take students from zero anatomical vocabulary to a high level of competence, allowing them to communicate with medical professionals successfully.

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Provides the resources for PSAP and helps students excel on the certification exam.

Developed by Andrew Biel, an acclaimed authority in musculoskeletal anatomy, Trail Guide to the Body provides relevant course materials and well-structured instructional resources necessary for accreditation in the Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP).

Additionally, the textbook’s comprehensive classroom and out-of-class learning experiences help students excel in demonstrating their level of competency on the PMA Pilates Certification Exam.

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Andrew Biel’s style, along with the brilliant illustrations (they really are!), make for a fantastic learning experience. There is a large group of books directed at fitness professionals not detailed enough for Pilates students, and then there’s a bunch of college- or graduate-level textbooks that are way too technical. Trail Guide to the Body is just right for Pilates students!
David Freker
STOTT PILATES® Lead Instructor Trainer DFX Pilates

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Instructor Resources

As a Trail Guide to the Body educator, you’ll gain access to a powerhouse collection of complimentary instructor resources for every lesson and every type of learning style. From PowerPoint presentations and image libraries to classroom activities, these resources will save you time and capture students’ attention like never before.

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Trail Guide to Movement

Author Andrew Biel takes students on a unique and fascinating journey as he helps build — step by step — a human body in motion. Topics include key physiological elements of movement and biomechanical principles.

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