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Trail Guide the Body: Required by 85% of AT programs.

With widely vetted, easy-to-absorb, and engaging content, Trail Guide to the Body has become one of the most respected resources for programs educating future athletic trainers. This acclaimed textbook makes it easier than ever for students to acquire a strong foundational understanding of anatomical structures and develop the fine palpation skills needed for the competent clinical assessment.

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Trail Guide to Movement: Bring the subject of human movement alive with captivating illustrations and clear descriptions of kinesiological principles.

Trail Guide to Movement takes the kinesiology principles found in Trail Guide to the Body even further by deepening students’ understanding of how muscles, bones, fascia, joints, and other structures come together to produce human movement. It explores biomechanics, key structures for movement, and principles of posture and gait, all with memorable imagery and straightforward descriptions.

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A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology: Teach AT students how to treat health conditions—safely, effectively, confidently.

AT students regularly treat athletes with health conditions. This textbook provides an accessible and focused presentation of the considerations every health care professional needs to make when deciding on treatment options for a client living with a health condition: understanding the etiology, the risks, the accommodations, and the benefits of specific treatments.

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This text is one that students actually don’t sell back to the bookstore when the semester is over! It is one of the best texts I have ever seen and love it. It is especially amazing for teaching students surface anatomy. Plus, the videos make my job so much easier.
David Bazett-Jones, PhD
Director of Post-Professional Athletic Training Program, University of Toledo
For 25 years, I searched for a text that would help my student therapists understand anatomy using their own body as a ‘supplemental text.’ Of all the texts I have used, I have never seen an anatomy text as practical and as hands-on as Trail Guide to the Body. The illustrations are superb. This text is a must for the therapy student who is serious about learning hands-on anatomy.
Joe Kenny
Head Athletic Therapist and Adjunct Professor, Brock University

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As a Trail Guide to the Body educator, you’ll gain access to a powerhouse collection of complimentary instructor resources for every lesson and every type of learning style. From PowerPoint presentations and image libraries to classroom activities, these resources will save you time and capture students’ attention like never before.

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Trail Guide to Movement

Author Andrew Biel takes students on a unique and fascinating journey as he helps build — step by step — a human body in motion. Topics include key physiological elements of movement and biomechanical principles.

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