Trail Guide to the Body’s Quick Reference to Stretch & Strengthen


This is your quick and easy guide to strengthening exercises and simple stretches

Our flagship text, Trail Guide to the Body, covers the subject of palpatory anatomy. This booklet presents two complementary subjects — stretching and strengthening. Strengthening reduces risk of injury, increases balance, stability and flexibility; and keeps the body strong. Stretching improves flexibility and range of motion.

This concise reference guide gives you

  • Instructions for 100 guided strengthening exercises and simple stretches, covering all the movements at the major joints.
  • Suggested equipment uses for stretching and strengthening.
  • Detailed four-color illustrations demonstrating muscle movement during the exercises.

This reference manual quickly puts these fundamental subjects of manual therapy at your fingertips. It contains 103 pages and 120 images. Great for manual therapists or anyone who values the benefits of stretching and strengthening.

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