“Learning adventures start here.”

For 22 years Books of Discovery has published textbooks and educational resources that engage, inspire, and enlighten students around the world. We do this by bringing them easy-to-understand content written in a friendly voice accompanied by striking visuals — all to awaken that sense of adventure when learning how to apply the sciences and therapeutic techniques to the practice of manual therapy.

This year, we too are on an adventurous journey: We’re enhancing our product line with the most engaging and adventure-rich products yet. And, we’re bringing our brand message alongside us for the ride.

A great beginning to 2019.

To keep pace and adapt to our customers’ changing needs, we’re filling 2019 with the launch of a new textbook and three revised textbook editions. Given all of these exciting changes ahead, the time was ripe for a refreshed expression of our brand.

We explored numerous options and “Learning adventures start here” emerged as a new tagline that best reflects the value of our product line, as well as sets the course to where it’s heading.

We began the year by adding to our list a premier anatomy and physiology textbook written specifically for the manual therapy student. Uniquely relevant and engaging, the now-available Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists explores everything manual therapy students need to know about A&P.

The road ahead.

This fall, we’ll launch Trail Guide to the Body’s 6th edition, making it even easier to sharpen students’ understanding of surface anatomy and mastery of palpation:
• New full-color illustrations will give an even more lifelike and detailed representation of anatomical structures.
• Concise clinical stories will expose students to a variety of possible real-life situations.
• Pre-learning questions will guide students’ reading, providing direction as they explore the textbook.

This fall, you can also expect to see a newly expanded 2nd edition of Trail Guide to Movement’s fascinating journey into the world of kinesiological principles. Celebrated for its captivating illustrations and clear, easy-to-understand descriptions, this latest edition of the award-winning textbook will feature 15 additional pages of visually dynamic explorations of the human body in motion.

Added content will include:
• Bending and torsional forces
• Compression
• Factors of equilibrium
• Force in depth
• Shearing
• Stability principles
• Traction

Finally, we’ll be rolling out the 7th edition of A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology, the profession’s best-loved pathology textbook. Completely updated with the most current information and research findings relevant to massage therapy, including:

• A new section on steps to follow in critical thinking, along with sample client cases for practicing these skills.
• Rich discussions on client accommodations for different types of conditions.
• Peer-reviewed subject matter so that information presented is accurate, relevant, and clear.
• A new appendix on massage therapy in hospitals and other health care settings.

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