Books of Discovery has a wide-range of informative videos which allow you to find out more about our company, refine your palpation skills, get trained on our latest instructor tools – and more! Visit our extensive video library below.

NEW! Introduction to Trail Guide to Movement

Introduction Video to Trail Guide to Movement

Take a fun, introductory journey through the new Trail Guide to Movement.
by Author Andrew Biel

About Books of Discovery

About Books of Discovery
by Author Andrew Biel

Why Adopt Trail Guide to the Body

Interview with Author Andrew Biel

Palpation Videos

Join author Andrew Biel on a fun, explorative journey of 91 muscles. Featuring more than 200 muscle overlays and graphics, these palpation videos can be viewed by the individual muscles or chapters.

Students: Click here to view our palpation videos, which reinforces the palpation skills you are learning in Trail Guide to the Body.

Instructors: Looking to add some variety to your PowerPoint presentations or to enhance your online resources? Click here to use our Trail Guide to the Body palpation videos in your classroom.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials about Trail Guide to the Body

Instructor Tools Training Video

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