Students & Practitioners

There's no question that palpation and the understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy are the foundations of an effective and successful manual therapy practice. Its purpose is universal: to locate, explore and compare the body's structures. These skills are not a means to an end; they are critical tools in students' and practitioners' tool belts.

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To help you use your modality skills with confidence and ease, we've created this special section of resources just for students and practitioners!, Resource you have access to include videos, audio files and muscle overlays. These complimentary tools will help you master the essential skills you need to continue on your successful path, and are available to all students and practitioners who have purchased the 4th or 5th edition of Trail Guide to the Body.

PALPATION VIDEOS Join author Andrew Biel on a fun, explorative visual journey of 91 muscles. Featuring more than 200 muscle overlays and graphics, these palpation videos can be viewed by the individual muscles or by chapter. It's like having a personal tutor!
OVERLAY IMAGES View 28 images of Trail Guide illustrations superimposed on human models.
AUDIO FILES These audio files explore 100 major muscles in the human body. Each track includes a) an introduction to the muscle b) the muscle's AOIN information c) Step-by-step instructions for palpating the muscle and d) "Check-it" information to ensure your location.
PRIMAL PICTURES INTERACTIVE 3D FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY Available for Purchase. Quickly and clearly see how muscles function with Primal Pictures hugely popular and versatile Interactive 3D Functional Anatomy! A $99.00 value for only $14.95!
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