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Trail Guide to Movement eBook 
Trail Guide to Movement eBook

Trail Guide to Movement is available for purchase as an eBook (the hard copy edition will be available in December, 2014.) All the information found in the hard copy textbook is available in this eBook version. This digital resource allows you to bookmark, enlarge images, highlight text and make notes through the VitalSource Bookshelf platform. In addition, an easy-to-navigate table of contents allows you to quickly find the chapter or term you are looking for.

About Trail Guide to Movement

Instead of dissecting the body into smaller, isolated pieces, Trail Guide to Movement takes a unique approach of building the body into larger, interconnected components. The author, Andrew Biel, asks the reader to join him as an active participant in building the body from scratch.

The journey in this book begins by designing four key structures for movement: connective tissue, joints, muscles and nerves. Then, after applying some bio-mechanical principles, the reader puts the body to the test by exploring the concepts of posture and gait.

Trail Guide to Movement is written with the same encouraging voice and subtle humor as the iconic Trail Guide to the Body, making the study of human movement easy to understand, captivating, and memorable.

265 pages.

Table of Contents/Sample Pages

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